Alegria footwear at Sole Perfection


ALEGRIA™ means HAPPINESS… it is also a new line of fun footwear created by California based company PG Lite.


Alegria shoes are developed with technical features that promote health and wellness.

Alegria shoes are developed with technical features that promote health and wellness.

There are 3 main secrets that contribute to its Happiness:


  • The Perfect Fit Footbed

  • The Color Therapy

  • The Mild Rocker Outsole


Alegria footwear insoles are made of latex, memory foam and cork that adjust to your feet for a customized fit that really feels like you’re walking on clouds. It has a patented interlocking footbed system with arch support loaded with soft polyurethane. Engineered to roll naturally, Alegria footwear’s rocker bottom outsole induce a natural walking motion to allow better posture, reduce stress on your muscles, joints and back and give you energy all day long.

Several models have certified slip-resistant soles for safe and all-day comfort at work.  Alegria comes in a rainbow of colors, with brilliant patent finishes to metallic prints, from soft natural leather to funky artwork, all with Alegria’s signature butterfly logo. 

At Sole Perfection Shoes, we have been working with Alegria footwear for a few years now and seen its popularity steadily increase, especially among our younger customers. Due to our sedentary lifestyles, increasing our daily exercise regimen has become more important than ever. If you plan to make walking a part of your daily routine, comfortable footwear is a must.

The Alegria shoes you’ll find at Sole Perfection Shoes will not only be comfortable to wear but also make even more fun to walk around.

After using the Alegria footwear, you will understand why Alegria means Happiness!

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