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Our team of owners and shoe specialists have hand-picked our amazing selection of high-quality shoes, arch supports and foot accessories, with both comfort and style in mind.  On this page, you'll find the brands of shoes, arch supports and socks available at our Everett location.



Arcopédico is a high-quality women's comfort shoe brand specializing in lightweight, anatomically-designed, arch- and circulation-supporting shoes that are hand-made in Portugal.

Arcopédico shoes' lightweight, colorful, simple, and ageless designs are a versatile and smart choice for any woman's wardrobe and lifestyle. The lightweight, anatomically-designed and washable nature of the shoes make them especially ideal for travelers, women working on their feet, or women who suffer from chronic circulation problems, sore feet, or dropping arches.


They call Aetrex “The healthiest shoes you'll ever wear™”.  The Aetrex footwear collection is constructed with the most technologically advanced features, providing comfort and style. Aetrex make everything from 2 ½” heels to extra-depth orthopedic footwear, with most of its shoes available in wide and extra wide.  Their orthotic-friendly shoes and sandals give more options to those with hard-to-fit feet. Aetrex also makes an industry-leading line of Lynco arch supports, which are perfect for the medium to high arch foot that needs extra support and generous cushion.  Theses arch supports are perfect, regardless of what you’re wearing, or how you’re feeling.  Aetrex has built this arch support into several of its shoe and sandal collections.  Be sure to visit the Sole Perfection Shoes near and take Aetrex for a test-walk.


ALEGRIA™ means HAPPINESS… it is also a new line of fun footwear created by California-based company PG Lite.  Alegria shoes are developed with technical features that promote health and wellness. Their amazing insoles are made of latex, memory foam and cork and adjust to your feet for a customized fit that makes it feel like you are walking on clouds. Engineered to roll naturally, Alegria’s rocker bottom outsole aims to induce natural walking motion to allow better posture, reduce stress on muscles, joints and back and give you energy all day long.  Several models have certified slip-resistant soles for safe and all-day comfort at work.  Alegria shoes are available in a spectrum of colors, from brilliant patent finishes to metallic prints, as well as soft natural leather and funky artwork, all with Alegria’s signature butterfly logo.


For 20 years, Børn has been redefining footwear. Crafted with rich, premium leathers and artisan detailing, our handcrafted styles have attracted an intensely loyal following among those seeking beauty and comfort.


Brooks is a Northwest-based company, committed to building great running gear with minimal impact on humanity and the earth. Brooks is constantly developing cutting-edge materials for their athletic shoes such as Brooks DNA and BioMoGo.  Focused on running and walking shoes for men and women, Brooks has become an industry leader in foot-friendly shoes for any type of foot condition or activity.  Most of their shoes come in various widths to accommodate all feet.


Dansko introduced the clog to America.  Loved by professionals everywhere, Dansko beautifully combines support and comfort.  You can’t visit a hospital or restaurant without seeing someone wearing Dansko.  They’ve not only become more popular thanks to the classic clog, but now Dansko offers an amazing selection of sandals, heels and shoes.  If you are on your feet all day, Dansko has the shoe or sandal for you.  They also now offer dress shoes, casual shoes, walking shoes, and sandals.  Visit the Sole Perfection Shoes nearest you to experience for yourself the comfort of Dansko.



Welcome to Drew Shoe, the number one provider of orthopedic shoes, diabetic shoes, and other medical shoes, ensuring that you will always be able to find the footwear you need to improve your comfort. With over 130 years of research backing Drew Shoe, rest assured that the orthopedic shoes and diabetic shoes we carry are on the very cutting edge of technology.

Drew Shoe has set the standard for beautifully styled footwear that protects and pampers feet in need of special care. Here at Drew Shoe we don't believe medical shoes should limit your wardrobe. Instead we provide fashionable solutions to health conditions that you would gladly wear even without specific foot problems. These shoes even give support and comfort to healthy younger feet and help your feet stay that way.



Anne Kalsø was born in the Faroe Islands off Denmark in 1905. Kalsø began selling her shoes from a modest storefront in Copenhagen. Those who discovered her shoes became passionate about their benefits. Many reported that the shoes helped ease chronic foot and body problems.  April 1st, 1970 would mark the much-heralded opening of the first United States distribution point for Kalsø's shoes. Coinciding with the first Earth Day, the name of the shoes - on the spot – was changed to "Kalsø Earth Shoes" and capitalized on the youthful movement and energy that defined the day.


Haflinger is the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany.  What’s that have to do with your feet?  We’re getting there. Boiled wool and wool felt have been used in Europe for at least 60 years for its wellness properties, breathability and comfort! Haflinger shoes are made using boiled wool and many doctors recommend their patients to Sole Perfection Shoes just for the Haflinger slippers.  When your footwear has breathability, it keeps your foot at room temperature, helping you avoid the hot sweaty feet so common with synthetic materials. Furthermore, wool is a natural insulator—it keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter, guaranteeing year round comfort. Haflinger boiled wool and wool felt footwear benefits both healthy and problem feet alike!  Of course, you’ll find Haflinger at Sole Perfection Shoes.

Hoka One One

Hoka One One (pronounced “O-nay, O-nay”) was started on a wild idea by Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, who also formerly worked for Salomon as the head of its now-defunct design center in Boulder and later as its CEO. Originally, the intent was to make modern trail running shoes for the rugged mountain races in the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites. The widebody design concept was somewhat based on the oversized technology that had been successfully used in powder skis, mountain bike tires and tennis rackets. A bigger sweet spot, Mermoud suggested, would apply similarly in running. It's a difference you have to feel to believe.

Built to the highest quality, Josef Seibel shoes offer the highest level of comfort for all day, every day wear. Extensive, stylish ranges of shoes, sandals, boots and clogs for women and men are available available within our online store that serves Canada and Untied States.


Joya, the Swiss feel-good shoe, is based in the picturesque municipality of Roggwil, by lovely Lake Constance. Behind the idea for Joya are two young, innovative entrepreneurs. Karl Müller comes from a family whose Masai barefoot technology once revolutionised the shoe market. Claudio Minder made a name for himself in the Swiss media as a presenter and media expert. The two have a clear vision: "We want to give our customers a shoe that sets new standards in the comfort sector when it comes to walking sensation and health benefits."


We believe functionality and fashion go together. Put on your KIZIK shoes each day knowing every pair is carefully crafted to ensure you love the style, comfort, and hands free technology. Welcome to the footwear revolution. Welcome to KIZIK.


L’Artiste® is a cutting edge, European-inspired fashion collection, specializing in beautifully hand crafted and painted artisan footwear. With Spring Step® comfort and flexible rubber soles, the bold, bright and beyond-gorgeous pattern designs of L’Artiste will make every moment a memorable one. 


The idea began with a hiking boot designed by Randy Merrell.  He manufactured 500 pairs of boots, selling all 500!  The hiking community took notice and it didn’t stop there.  Merrell improved the “Approach Shoe”, now called light hikers, with classics like the Chameleon and Phaser.   Many of the Merrell shoes use Vibram soles with innovative construction and compounds to stand up to wear and tear, helping you navigate any terrain.  Most Merrell boots use Gore-Tex® waterproof technology that puts a breathable, water-resistant barrier between you and the elements. Whether you’re looking for stylish embellishments, a comfortable fit, supportive soles or ventilated materials, look for the wall that says Merrell at your nearest Sole Perfection Shoes. 


The name may look like it’s missing a few consonants, but that’s because Naot shoes and sandals were crafted in Israel on a kibbutz.  European leathers and styling combine with amazing comfort to provide a pain-free walking experience.  The unique cork insoles offer support for all day walking.  The anatomic cork & latex footbeds make most of their shoes and sandals orthotic friendly.  Sole Perfection Shoes customers have traveled all over the world in Naot shoes and sandals.  Since its creation Naot (Yaleet Inc.) has been guided by two basic and essential principles: to offer solutions, and to promise trust. 

New Balance

At New Balance, our job is to aid athletes in their pursuit of excellence, whether that means helping professional athletes set records and win medals, or propelling everyday athletes to achieve a new PR, run their first 5K or just to live a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Our products are the perfect blend of function and fashion, giving you the performance technology you need and the style you want. Our associates around the world bring these goals to life with their high-level skills and creativity. While we offer the best product on the market, we’re also equally committed to giving back. So while we look to succeed, we believe in ensuring others have the same opportunity.


OOFOS makes recovery footwear.  Every pair of OOFOS is engineered to help your feet recover in ways that typical footwear can’t. OOFOS are foot the active person who pushes their feet and needs to reward them. Your feet earned this.  Athletic shoe foams are designed to “rebound” and propel you forward. Revolutionary OOfoam does the opposite, absorbing 37% more shock with every step than traditional footwear foam.

Revere Comfort Shoes

Revere shoes and sandals provide all day comfort and support by enhancing foot health for those experiencing  heel pain, tired aching feet, sore knees and lower back pain.  Revere sandals have been designed in collaboration with leading footwear experts to provide maximum adjustability to support many foot types. revere sandals provide a removable footbed for those required to wear custom made orthotic devices. The extra depth unit allows for a wide variety of custom orthotics to be inserted with out taking away from the styling of look of our shoes.


Since 1921, Romika shoes have been combining fashion and comfort into their premium footwear. Using the most advanced technology and the strictest standards of quality control, Romika has stayed true to its authentic German heritage.
Only the best textiles and finest leathers are used in the production of Romika sandals, Romika clogs, and Romika shoes. Join the many that have discovered the benefits of the signature lateral support wings and orthotic-friendly footbeds.


Taos Footwear has always been inspired by the natural beauty and creative culture of the American Southwest.  Visit the Southwest, walk the streets and notice the architecture, the colors and textures, even the fences. You’ll know why we love Taos and celebrate it every day.  At Taos, they make shoes with beautiful leathers and rich fabrics, embellishing them with things like earthy stones, rugged buckles, playful embroidery and intricate stitching.  Why should you have to choose between cute and comfort? No more cramming your feet into fashionable torture chambers.  Taos shoes and sandals not only look great, but are also good for your feet.


Samuel Hubbard

Saul Katz entered the family shoes business in 1943. Over the years, Hubbard grew to 900 employees and two factories, making shoes that quickly became known for fit, comfort and durability. As a family-owned business, they made footwear with a great deal of pride and attention to the smallest details.

In Samuel Hubbard shoes they make no compromises in comfort and craftsmanship. When there is a better method, they do it that way. When there is better leather or material, they use that. They continue to make shoes as they have for the past 87 years.


“Wolky” means “cloud” in Dutch. Put on a pair of Wolky and you’ll know what we are all about, that is, comfortable, quality footwear made for feet. With a meticulously designed last, custom designed soles, anatomically shaped footbed, and full grain leathers, Wolky places a great deal of attention to the details so your feet can walk in comfort.



Cadence are made for running, walking, hiking, standing, working, skiing, fighting fires, catching bad guys, building houses, and basically any activity performed on your feet. Cadence arch supports help to reduce stress and fatigue in the feet, legs and hips, and they also enhance the fit of your shoes. These inserts are for those who want a supportive insole with greater shock absorbing comfort in the heel and forefoot. The insole is what your foot contacts and feels with every step. It provides the first line of comfort and support for your foot. Most replacement insoles and shoe inserts on the market today are either too soft to offer any real support or too hard and uncomfortable. Cadence insoles has created a durable, high quality replacement insole that provides both support and comfort. They don’t have any gimmicks or crazy claims, just real support and true comfort for the pleasure of your feet, knees, hips and back.



The most technically advanced off-the-shelf footbed; step by step creates a custom biomechanical foot support, like "Bucket Seats" for your feet. Through their design, the EVA stabilizer structure gradually adapts to the shape of the feet and shoes amid use to improve foot comfort, reducing foot/leg fatigue, and improving body balance. The deep heel cup is truly amazing. It molds for an exacting fit around the heel, positioning the heel's calcanus bone over a shock-absorbing heel bubble for increased shock absorption. The arches score great support too! When the foot's arches are compressed between the body's weight and the hard ground, the dynamic cradling chassis adapts, forming a deeper, more supportive foot cradle - like beach sand! Built with a Honey-Comb dual-density foam structure, DownUnders provide long lasting durability and comfortable performance. Effective for walking, running, racquet sports, skiing, and better foot comfort!


Lynco Arch Supports

Designed for active and every day foot comfort, Lynco are a nice balance of support and cushion.  Lynco offer a cork core, for structure, surrounded by a Pro-Shox cushion and

moisture wicking top cover.  With Lynco arch supports, you’ll get a medium to high arch, cupped heel for balance, stability and pressure reduction, all with Lynco. 

Available at Sole Perfection Shoes.


ProLab was founded in 1989 by a team of professionals led by Paul Scherer, DPM. Dr. Scherer’s vision for excellence in orthotic therapy is a union between manufacturing, research, and education. His vision produced the successful implementation of new technologies, manufacturing processes, and orthotic design supported by evidence-based research. Our team continues to evaluate products and processes, test new materials, analyze current research, and listen to the needs of our clients.

Superfeet Arch Supports

Superfeet is a Northwest company that has become synonymous with arch supports. 

This doctor-recommended support has become one of the most recognized brands on

the market.  Superfeet come in a variety of types, but all offer the following core features--


  • Deep heel cup for stability of the ankle at heel strike.

  • An arch placement that offers a “kickstand for the ankle”

  • A semi-rigid full length cushion that is easily cleaned and lasts for the life of the support.



FITS wants to be the only socks in your sock drawer and so they are building socks for every aspect of your life, utilizing the highest technology, the best combination of materials, designs, colors, and their unmatchable, patented, Full Contact Fit® System.


High-performance Merino socks feature ReliaWool durability technology, breathability. Made with 4 degree elastic for snug fit. Extraordinary comfort for hiking, skiing, outdoor sport, running, walking, cycling & daily use.


Wanting everybody to feel better and be healthier, Sockwell developed these graduated compression and relaxed fit/diabetic socks, designed to improve your comfort and health without compromising style. Made in the USA and produced with environmental awareness, Sockwell socks are committed to bettering you and the planet together.


WrightSock has been in the sock industry for over 60 years and introduced the Wrightsock brand name in 1990. Through thousands of hours of testing, they developed two patents and many proprietary techniques to bring the best socks to the market. Their commitment is to make the best socks possible to make everyone that buys their product is able to enjoy their chosen activities without having any foot issues.

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