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Haflinger is the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany.  What’s that have to do with your feet?  We’re getting there. Boiled wool and wool felt have been used in Europe for at least 60 years for its wellness properties, breathability and comfort! Haflinger shoes are made using boiled wool and many doctors recommend their patients to Sole Perfection Shoes just for the Haflinger slippers.  When your footwear has breathability, it keeps your foot at room temperature, helping you avoid the hot sweaty feet so common with synthetic materials. Furthermore, wool is a natural insulator—it keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter, guaranteeing year round comfort. Haflinger boiled wool and wool felt footwear benefits both healthy and problem feet alike!  Of course, you’ll find Haflinger at Sole Perfection Shoes.

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