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Federal Way & Tacoma Positions

We're closed nights, Sundays and major holidays! No mall hours!

The true measure of our business success is not what we get from customers…it is what customers get from us. Are you seeking a retail career that goes WAY beyond simply suggestive selling and ringing up customers at the register?

Do you want to MAKE a HUGE DIFFERENCE in your customers' lives?

Do you want to BE CHALLENGED and have your day speed by?


You should work with Sole Perfection Shoes. Our ideal candidate will combine their passion for sales and customer service with a desire to solve problems to improve our customers’ lives. You will succeed by building trust and honestly recommending / selling great-looking footwear, arch supports and other products that help relieve foot pain. You will keep customers coming back because you exceeded their expectations of what a shoe store should truly be doing for them!

Responsibilities and Duties

SOLE PERFECTION SHOES is looking for a great salesperson, who:

Know most people need their products for three simple reasons:

· They fully understand what their products can do to solve problems and achieve goals that people have
· They know that most customers tend to have the same types of problems and goals, and so if some haven’t purchased their product or service yet, they must have unsatisfied needs.
· They know that most customers are unaware of their needs, otherwise they would have attended to them.

You accept responsibilities to:

· Lead the customers to ‘see and understand’ their personal needs… AND
· Lead the person to ‘want to buy’ the products or services that will satisfy their personal needs!

You also possess:

  • Great Organizational skills

  • Desire for an exciting, rewarding career

  • A personality that loves to make connections with people

  • A fantastic attitude with a desire to learn and succeed

  • A willingness to perform various aspects of store operations including shipping/receiving stock, opening/closing the store, performing physical inventories, etc.

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, including Saturdays.

  • The physical ability to perform the job functions


We are currently hiring part time and/or full time positions, based on the candidate’s experience. We offer paid benefits and a rewarding experience.

You will receive extensive training in foot anatomy, foot health problems & solutions, proper fitting techniques and gait analysis – everything you need to know to succeed.

You will also have experience with point of sale systems and inventory. You love to learn and apply that knowledge.

Sole Perfection is the largest independent shoe store chain in the Puget Sound area with a reputation of combining fashion and comfort for work, play and every day. Medical professionals and our customers trust us and they will trust you.

Please send your resume to to become a part of our team!

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