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Our Focus Is On You, But Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Your complete comfort and satisfaction is our goal and focus. Here are just a few customer comments on the type of service they've experienced in our stores.  But rest assured, we are not resting on our laurels. We're always looking for ways to serve you better.

"I shopped in the Federal Way store...

and the service at this store is awesome.  Beverly asked me why I limped. I have issues with my feet and can count on the staff here to help. After a few more questions, Beverly found the perfect shoe to take to Rome.  I don't like to shoe shop but Beverly made me feel so happy about it.  She had some excellent suggestions. I will continue to shop there.  --  Diane

"I would like to give a shout out to


   Wanda Sue of your Federal Way store. I have been a customer of Sole Perfection many years and she is   

   always highly professional and thoughtful. She cares deeply about her customers and  often goes beyond the

   call of duty to ensure their satisfaction. I am so happy I found her.  --  Yukiko D.

"Thank you!  Sole Perfection is my favorite

      shoe store with sales people so knowledgeable about foot conditions.  Marie B.

"Just bought my second pair...

   of shoes from you.  Your staff is great.  Beverly is wonderful! Thank you again!"   -  Bill

"I just had a very nice conversation


with a customer from yesterday. Joanie wanted me to know that she had the best customer service EVER!  Wanda Sue helped her and was  FANTASTIC! She can't see herself ever shopping anywhere else.


   Great job Wanda Sue!


"The best!

  "Your staff is very knowledgeable and they go far & beyond to help their customer. Especially Hetta!"   

   Wayne T

"I came in to exchange a pair of shoes...

...that I had purchased the previous month. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me. Thank you for listening to my aches, and for recommending me different brands. I absolutely love the Keens, this was the first day in a month where I didn't leave work in agony. Working in retail, we tend to hear and read complaints, and I just wanted to send along some praise!

Thanks again,

Lori B

"This is the best store!
"Employees are knowledgeable and take their time with you.  Customer service is A-1 !!! This is my new store !!!!" - Dawn
"Wanda Sue...

   is very very helpful and pleasant!”    -  Liliane

"Fantastic customer service!

 Cheryl does a phenomenal job!."   -  Pamela

"Fantastic service...

  and the sales person was very knowledgable."   -  Rita B

"Your salesperson Diane...

  is the most patient person ever!" - Rebecca M

"I love my shoes...

   and Cheri, my salesperson was extremely patient, helpful and very nice, too!" - Diana K

"First time here and I really enjoyed...

 all the help and advice I received!"

"Every year I look forward to my birthday...

   not because I am getting older...but rather, I look forward to treating myself to an annual visit to Sole Perfection Shoes!"

"I was so impressed with the service,
 knowledgeable staff...

  and selection of shoes that I called my friend in St. Louis to share my experience If only you had a location in Missouri! I know you'd have another fan there!"

"Love the shoes that I've purchased at
 your store...

   I teach kindergarten, so I'm on my feet all the time. Since wearing your products, my feet have remained comfortable & pain-free throughout my entire day. THANKS!"

"Just today I was telling  people....

about the store and saying how knowledgeable the staff was and how much I recommend them!"

"Your team was simply fantastic to fit me 
  with the right shoe...

       I can't wait to show off my black sandals with the wedge heel to all my friends

      this weekend when I "strut my stuff" again thanks to Sole Perfection Shoes!"

"You are the epitome of great customer

       and you do it with such grace."

"Excellent experience...

       and very knowledgeable salesperson"

"I was in your store last Saturday...

      to find a pair of shoes that would not kill my feet. You helped me find a pair of shoes that are truly wonderful. I am sitting at my

      desk with happy feet and not taking my shoes off because they hurt.  I really appreciate all your help and wanted to let you

      know about my really HAPPY FEET! Thanks for your help"

"So much comfort & relief for my feet!

     And I am SO much happier!"


"Now I'm on Cloud Nine!

      Your staff is great!"

"Did a very good job

     of helping find the shoes I needed for this job! Thanks!"


"Your customer service is outstanding!

      The people are very friendly and you made me feel at home. Thank you!"

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